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Konarucchi playing guitar


Growing up I found my love for music very early on - learning piano from 8 years old (although very short-lived), being a vocalist in my first band at 10, learning guitar at 15/16, and playing bass from 19. When I was young I found a lot of inspiration in bands such as Muse and My Chemical Romance, but also in games. My interest in games ignited my interest in Japan, which lead to going on exchange over there in my high school years, and gaining my artist persona from a nickname I received during my time there.
Finally, now a graduate of the Bachelor or Commercial Music at Massey University Wellington, playing with my band Pale Lady (see
here), playing my own solo music, composing music inspired by games, and recording / mixing, my inspiration has only grown into a wider spectrum, with more bands, more games, other types of music, and other aspects of the music industry being added to my influences.
If you're keen on working with me or just want a bit of a yarn, feel free to flick through an email or a message me through one of my social media avenues. 

Photo by @hailtree_

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