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Screenshot from soon-to-be released game 'Stuck in Daydreams', a platformer-style game I have made to showcase my 8-bit style game music, as well as my solo music.

Video games have been a big part of my life since I was young. My favourite game of all time is Final Fantasy VII, which I first played when I was 7 years old.
Musically, Final Fantasy has been a massive inspiration for me, specifically the works by Nobuo Uematsu. I find his work is not only beautiful and interesting aesthetically, but it's great at telling stories and setting different moods. Aside from this, some of my favourite games (or franchises) are Pokémon, Elder Scrolls,
Bioshock, Resident Evil, Yu-Gi-Oh Forbidden Memories, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, Firebugs, and many more. For many of these games, the music is a big part of why I love them.

I recorded the sound of my PlayStation 2 turning on and used it to create the synth in this track. The track itself is inspired by the Pokemon games.

8-Bit Synth Demo - Konarucchi
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Vibra Demo - Konarucchi
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This song was built around a random melody I played on a vibraphone, which I then manipulated using Ableton. The track is inspired a lot by music from Final Fantasy. I would love to be able to record it with a full string section some day.

Musician / Composer / Sound Engineer

Email: konarucchi@gmail.com
Phone: 027 843 0362