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New double single 'Tongue-Tied // All the Love and Wonder' is out now! You can find it here.

Tongue-tied Artwork.png

I am an artist from a small town in New Zealand called Wainuiomata. I believe that cohesion comes from the artist and isn't necessarily to do with genre, and so I like to experiment with different types of music, ranging from acoustic to rock to electronic to metal. My biggest influences are bands such as Muse and Porcupine Tree, both of which blend genres and use interesting sounds and musical elements which I enjoy.

Photo by @hailtree_

At long last, I have released my debut EP, 'Stuck in Daydreams'!

'Stuck in Daydreams' is the second stage of a two-stage project where I experimented with reworking songs in different ways. In the first stage, called ‘Empty Mind’, I explored song-writing in it’s most stripped back state of purely acoustic sounds. You can see these songs below.

For the second stage, I reworked 5 of those songs into full arrangements, using different styles and influences for each one. The result was the EP ‘Stuck in Daydreams’, which covers a range of styles and approaches to song-writing.

The EP runs through a few different themes;
‘Inside’ and ‘Her Glow’ are both based around stories I made, ‘Crooked Steps’ is about the late great Chris Cornell, and ‘Some Things’ and ‘They Follow’ are about going through emotionally rough times. I put all of these themes onto the character depicted in the artwork, called Sid. Sid is also the protagonist in the 
game ‘Stuck in Daydreams, which is a 5 level platformer game that represents each song on the EP.

SiD Final Artwork.png

Click the image to play the game.