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I've finally released my debut EP 'Stuck in Daydreams'!!

It's been a long time coming, but I've FINALLY released my debut EP, 'Stuck in Daydreams'! You can check it out here.

'Stuck in Daydreams' is the second stage of a two-stage project where I experimented with reworking songs in different ways. In the first stage, called ‘Empty Mind’, I explored song-writing in it’s most stripped back state of purely acoustic sounds. You can see these songs here. For the second stage, I reworked 5 of those songs into full arrangements, using different styles and influences for each one. The result was the EP ‘Stuck in Daydreams’, which covers a range of styles and approaches to song-writing.

The EP runs through a few different themes; Inside’ and ‘Her Glow’ are both based

around stories I made, ‘Crooked Steps’ is about the late great Chris Cornell, and ‘Some Things’ and ‘They Follow’ are about going through emotionally rough times. I put all of these themes onto the character depicted in the artwork, called Sid. Sid is also the protagonist in the game ‘Stuck in Daydreams’, which is a 5 level platformer game that represents each song on the EP.

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1 Comment

Olivia McVey
Olivia McVey
Aug 04, 2020

Awesome 😱

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